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Top 10 Drug Discovery and Development Consulting/Service Companies - 2019



The inception of robust and innovative techniques in drug discovery and development is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical sector. The speed and accuracy facilitated by groundbreaking technologies such as data science and blockchain are enabling organizations to break free from outdated legacy systems and embrace advanced operational capabilities. With the proliferation of digitalization, it is imperative to gain an in-depth understanding of the increasingly competitive commercial drug development environment.

To inform pharmaceutical organizations regarding the best practices in drug discovery and development, Pharma Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 drug discovery and development solution providers and services companies that are identifying missed revenue opportunities and helping their clients improve growth prospects. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities and robust offerings, these companies are constantly proving their mettle in the pharmaceutical sector. We hope this edition of Pharma Tech Outlook helps you build partnerships that you and your firm need to foster a new and advanced approach that motivates pharma professionals to better drive productivity and efficiency throughout the sector.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook, “Top 10 Drug Discovery and Development Consulting/Services Companies – 2019.”

    Top Drug Discovery and Development Consulting Companies

  • Syner-G Pharma Consulting’s team of elite CMC professionals and our state-of-art solution has been key in addressing the impending changes existing in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Bioduro


    Capable of manufacturing solid, semi-solid, and liquid dosage forms, BioDuro’s Drug Product Manufacturing team provides a comprehensive service for clinical trial material preparation in support of Phase 0 to Phase II studies. Their contract pharmaceutical manufacturing services are cGMP compliant and include established clinical trial material management SOPs with QA oversight. Their highly trained manufacturing team is dedicated to on-time delivery of the high-quality product. The company believes that having a well trained and experienced manufacturing staff will streamline manufacturing efficiency and increase process reliability, positively impacting project timelines

  • Celerion


    Forty years of experience of Celerion, innovative strategies, global capabilities, and expertise in early phase research makes them faster than other competitors. It’s all in the name: Celerion is derived from the Latin celeritas (meaning swiftness and speed), which reflects the founding principle—that fast, reliable research is vital to a product’s success. Their vision is to be the leading provider of early-stage drug development solutions to clients, achieved through experienced leadership, the passion of the employees, and a commitment to excellence. Their mission is to focus every day on helping their clients get their drugs to market

  • Certara


    Established in 2008, Certara is a biosimulation and regulatory writing consultancy which emphasizes increasing and optimizing the predictability of the most critical Research & Development, regulatory, and patient care decisions. The company offers attested regulatory science, modeling & simulation, and scientific value assessment software and services for helping its customers accelerate regulatory approval, decrease the clinical trial burden, and increase patient access to drugs. The work of the enterprise embodies virtually all therapeutic areas, including immunology, oncology, CNS, rare disease, infectious and metabolic disease, and intricate biologics. The company is headquartered in Princeton, NJ

  • Charles River Laboratories

    Charles River Laboratories

    Established in 1947, Charles River Laboratories offer solutions that facilitate the drug discovery and development process, which includes outsourced preclinical services and research models and associated services. With distinct strains, the enterprise engages in the sale and production of research models, genetically and virally defined purpose-bred rats and mice. The company also offers multiple related services that are designed to help clients in supporting the utilization of research models in drug development. The company emphasizes on timeliness and accuracy in the development stage, which means that organizations can count on dependable, reproducible outcomes, every step of the way

  • Covance


    Based in Princeton, New Jersey, Covance is a drug development company of Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp) and a comprehensive drug development service enterprise. The company helps biotech and pharmaceutical companies in developing the top 50 prescription drugs in the marketplace. The enterprise has extensive experience and specialized expertise and is in an appropriate position to supply insights that go beyond and above testing. Covance, with its clients, develops solutions that transform capability into reality. The company provides laboratory testing services to the agrochemical/chemical industries as well as toxicology services, discovery services, and central laboratory services

  • ICON plc

    ICON plc

    Founded in 1990, ICON plc is a provider of outsourced development services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. The company is specialized in the strategic management, development, and analysis of programs that assist clinical development, i.e., from compound selection to Phase I-IV clinical studies. The enterprise emphasizes its innovation on the factors that are crucial to its clients, which includes minimizing time to market, decreasing cost and increasing quality, and its global team of experts possesses broad experience in a wide array of therapeutic areas. The company is based in Ellicott City, MD

  • JDP Pharma Consulting

    JDP Pharma Consulting

    JDP Pharma Consulting offers product development consulting services to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. The company offers robust technical skills and attested expertise in various drug delivery concepts with a comprehensive understanding of the connections between clinical, pre-clinical, CMC product development, and device development. The enterprise is specialized in science-based CMC development strategies for empowering an impactful and proficient product development cycle from concept via registration. JDP’s expertise includes various drug delivery technologies, particularly ocular, osmotic, and pulmonary drug delivery. The company provides expertise in product development, regulatory strategies, and technology development for optimizing its product development program

  • L.E.K. Consulting

    L.E.K. Consulting

    Established in 1983, L.E.K Consulting is a management consulting enterprise that makes use of its in-depth industry expertise and analytical rigor for helping its clients resolve their most crucial business issues and obtain practical results with real impact. The firm supports and advises global enterprises that are leaders in their industries, including the giant public and private sector organizations, evolving entrepreneurial businesses, and private equity firms. The enterprise supports business leaders in consistently making better decisions, delivering enhanced business performance, and creating greater shareholder returns. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA

  • Patheon


    Founded in 1974, NC, Patheon delivers enhanced speed, simplicity, and quality to its customers across the biotechnology and pharmaceutical areas. The company, through via its pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services, offers an integrated, comprehensive, and highly customizable set of solutions for helping clients of all sizes satisfy intricate development and manufacturing requirements at any phase of the pharmaceutical development cycle. The company continuously works on simplifying the supply chain process and emphasizes on optimizing its offerings in innovative ways. It specializes in Pharmaceutical Development Services, Biologics, Commercial Manufacturing, API Supply, Softgels, and Early Development