Rosa & Co.: Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Pioneers

Rosa & Co.: Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Pioneers

CIO VendorMatt Marano, Chief Commercial Officer
Long before the world knew what to call ‘Quantitative Systems Pharmacology’ (QSP) in the realm of preclinical and clinical drug development, Ron Beaver, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Rosa & Co. already had his moment of revelation. He realized that deeper understanding of empirical data and effective learning about the connection of drug and disease mechanisms are critical for more informed decisions at all stages in research and development. Driven by his passion for enabling effective experimental and trial design, he founded Rosa in 2002 to deliver an increase in confidence and reduction in risk in pharmaceutical and consumer product research and development. Today, the company holds a unique spot as a global industry-leading pharmacology solution provider for its breadth and depth of understanding of this space.

“Our extensive experience, along with the necessary business-savvy and technical capabilities, allow us to work seamlessly with our clients to provide solutions and insights that are very difficult to obtain through other methods,” says Matt Marano, Chief Commercial Officer, Rosa, who also holds over 30 years of experience in the life sciences industry, both as a researcher and as a sales and business development professional. “At Rosa, it’s not just about our technical capabilities but the larger understanding of the context of where the portfolio and technology fit in.” Backed by Rosa’s comprehensive therapeutic area experience, modeling expertise, and ongoing research engagements with many top 20 pharmaceutical companies, Rosa’s PhysioPD Research is a proven QSP approach, that translates biology into customized computer models – PhysioPD Research Platforms - of physiology, disease, and potential or actual interventions.

We work with our clients to provide solutions and insights that are very difficult to obtain through other methods

With QSP continuing to gain traction in the pharmaceutical and consumer product goods industries, Rosa’s PhysioPD Research is being utilized in programs ranging from early discovery to clinical development and beyond, assisting clients in curating and integrating data related to healthy and disease biology and the clinical efficacy of an intervention of interest. “We leverage this information to define strategies for early clinical development and provide unique insights for driving key program decisions and reducing the risk,” Marano adds.

An essential aspect of Rosa’s Research Platform is its “Model Qualification Method” (MQM). The only published, peer-reviewed methodology of its kind, MQM was developed to ensure that the PhysioPD Research Platforms are qualified for their intended purposes.. “This component has proved immensely beneficial in confirming decisions for our clients and, like the Research Platform itself, provides a lasting resource to the client,” says Marano.

In one instance, Rosa assisted a client on an oncology program where the client was in Phase 1 and had produced data that pointed to several potential biomarkers of efficacy, but the client didn’t yet have the longitudinal data to confirm. They weren’t completely sure which biomarkers would hit steady state most quickly and would be the most nsightful for their program. Rosa’s team was able to help them create a hierarchy of biomarkers and greatly increase confidence in selecting the most appropriate biomarker(s) for their program.

In the long run, the company’s focus is on expanding geographically and in developing advanced offerings for our clients. “Our work is focused on expanding the breadth and depth of our relationships in the industry and providing portfolio-wide, strategic value to our clients” concludes Marano.
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