Top 10 Drug Discovery and Development Solution Providers - 2018
Tempo Bioscience: Spearheading Drug Discovery & Development with IPSC Models

Top 10 Drug Discovery and Development Solution Providers - 2018

Stringent regulatory norms, having to operate in tight schedules and revenue cuts are factors affecting the drug discovery and development industry. Every year, pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars to test and develop new drugs, cost-cutting at these companies has made it hard to secure funds to test and deliver new medication products. The pharmaceutical industry is now employing new strategies to improve productivity in research and development.

Data analytics companies and solution providers are now working along with the pharmaceutical industry, to offer insights and solutions that help improve and increase productivity during drug research and testing, while also cutting the costs incurred in the process. The use of Data Management Systems (DMS), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), bioinformatics, to name a few, in the pharmaceutical industry, has changed the way they store and analyze data during drug discovery and development. The pharmaceutical companies that adopted these modern methods are already reporting increased productivity and budgets that are easier on the pocket.

This edition of Pharma Tech Outlook aims to give the readers an insight on drug discovery and development solution providers that have demonstrated strong capabilities in helping organizations navigate this sophisticated trade. A distinguished panel of CIOs, CEOs, VCs, analysts and the editorial board of Pharma Tech Outlook have come together to find the top 10 companies.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Drug Discovery and Development Solution Providers - 2018.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
BenevolentAI BenevolentAI’s Platform enables scientists to determine the right mechanism to modulate, the best targets and how patients may respond to treatment
BlueCatBio Delivers a centrifugation-based plate washing instrument that enhances assay data quality by eliminating residual volume, background, and variability
Lixoft Develops modeling and simulation software for population analysis, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics (PK/PD), and other complex biochemical and physiological processes
Mcule Offers purchasable compound database and molecular modeling tools on its online drug discovery platform to pharma and biotech companies
NTxBio A biomanufacturing startup company that develops and advances a bioinformatics platform for research scale to production scale, host-independent biological manufacturing
PanXome, LLC PanXome’s software provides reliable predictions of disease-associated protein targets, small molecule binding and side effects
Recursion Pharmaceuticals Recursion Pharmaceuticals’s powerful drug discovery platform involving millions of rapid, automated experiments and analysis to discover new therapeutics
Rosa & Co. One of the leading drug development advisory firms specialized in Quantitative Systems Pharmacology
sRNAlytics sRNAlytics combines next generation sequencing and data science to uncover small RNA biomarkers of disease
Tempo Bioscience Developing human adult stem cells (iPSCs) based biosensor-enabling technologies for preclinical drug discovery and development, biobanking, and biomarker development