Genome Profiling ("GenPro"): Pioneering Predictive Epigenetic Biomarkers

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Genome Profiling ("GenPro"): Pioneering Predictive Epigenetic Biomarkers

CIO VendorJeb Connor Chairman, Co-Founder & CEO
The future of healthcare lies in creative technology-driven solutions that help researchers and clinicians proactively discover and remedy life-threatening diseases such as cancer at an early stage. Spearheading this evolution is Genome Profiling (GenPro), a Delaware biotechnology company with a cutting-edge cloud-based analytics solution for rapidly discovering novel epigenetic biomarkers (EpiMarkers) from next generation sequencing (NGS) data to enable better patient treatment decisions and early disease detection. What’s special about GenPro’s EpiMarkers is that they provide definitive phenotypic characterization of disease, disease state, patient response to treatment, and disease progression that other biomarkers cannot address.

Capitalizing on the rising demand for biomarkers and a big underserved gap in the biomarker market for epigenetic markers, GenPro’s value is embodied in its unique ability to characterize epigenetic signals in blood/ PBMC arising from disease-immune system interactions, then to rapidly transform those signals into actionable EpiMarkers, new epigenetic-driven biological insights, and precision assays. “Our proprietary computational analytics platform rapidly elucidates novel EpiMarkers from NGS data and translates them into new molecular insights about the genes involved, pathways, and mechanisms of action,” explains Adam Marsh, GenPro’s CSO and Co-founder.

At its core, GenPro’s analytics platform performs quantitative measurements of cytosine methylation in DNA from patients’ blood or tumor samples more robustly than any other NGS-based technique. From the gene methylation data it then rapidly and automatically elucidates the predictive EpiMarker, typically composed of 40-60 of the ~28 million potentially methylated CpG locations in a genome.

In a recent collaboration with the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center in Delaware, GenPro discovered a ‘potential prognostic’ EpiMarker from tissue biopsies for triple negative breast cancer. In other collaborations they discovered ‘early disease detection’ EpiMarkers from blood samples for ER+ breast cancer, cerebral palsy, endometriosis, and Parkinson’s disease. In the ER+ breast cancer collaboration, GenPro elucidated an epigenetic marker caused by tumor and immune system interaction as reflected in the blood of women at different stages of breast cancer progression.

Our proprietary computational analytics platform rapidly elucidates novel EpiMarkers from NGS data and translates them into new molecular insights about the genes involved, pathways, and mechanisms of action

This novel EpiMarker that discriminates between patients with invasive vs. non-invasive cancer is statistically definitive. Ongoing verification of the EpiMarker and the development of the routine qPCR blood assay for administration to women at the time of their first early sign of abnormal tissue growth is in process. This breakthrough will help clinicians mitigate unnecessary precautionary surgical mastectomies and potentially the possibility of DCIS developing into an aggressive breast cancer.

Adam Marsh, Co-Founder & CSO
Although GenPro’s capabilities have been demonstrated across many diseases and applications, its primary near-term focus is the discovery and deployment of EpiMarker-enabled solutions through collaboration partnerships with biopharmas to identify pre-treatment responders to oncology/ immuno-oncology (IO) mono and combo therapeutics for patient selection optimization into clinical trials to achieve better clinical trial outcomes and economics. This capability has garnered the attention of biopharma companies seeking to exploit the rapidly emerging IO market. Several have entered into investigational pilots with the company inspired by the unique new scientific and clinical value GenPro’s innovate analytics technology rapidly delivers in <10 weeks from GenPro’s receipt of samples from a <50 patient cohort—a powerful value proposition poised to accelerate the promise of precision medicine to biopharmas, clinicians, patients, and payers.
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