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Building on Success-A CIO's Dilemma
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Jamie Nelson, CIO, Hospital for Special Surgery

I have the good fortune of being the CIO at the leading musculoskeletal hospital in the U.S., maybe even the world. Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), located in New York City, was named the No. 1 orthopedic hospital in the country for the...

Six Trends Accelerating Telemedicine Adoption
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Todd Czartoski, MD, Chief Executive Telehealth, Chief Medical Technology Officer, Providence St. Joseph Health

Telehealth has been incubating in the healthcare industry for almost 40 years. Within the past few years it has gathered new momentum, and now, as six current trends come into alignment, the tipping point for telehealth adoption is on the horizon....

Modifying Conventional Techniques with Organs-on-Chips
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Microchips packed by living human cells can dramatically improve the development of medicines, modeling illnesses as well as pharmaceutical therapeutics. FREMONT, CA: While reading an auto electronic monograph, most of us have come across...

How Will Open Technology Standards Improve Clinical Trials?
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The establishment of open technology standards will enable pharmaceutical companies to introduce enhanced connectivity and efficiency into the clinical trials when collaborating with CROs. FREMONT, CA – The life science industry has...

mHealth: Innovative Applications to Improve Adherence to Medication
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As innovations proceed to transform healthcare, many pharmacists and other suppliers are increasingly seeking digital alternatives to improve their patients' adherence to medicines. FREMONT, CA: A range of digital health tools is used...

Brave New World - A Glance at the Startup Environment
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Sam Colella, VC, Versant Ventures

Can you talk about your experience working with the companies in which you invest? Tell us about your investment style. With twenty years of experience (and counting) as an operating executive, I try to use my experience to help the companies...

Biopharma Start-Ups and the Development of New Drugs
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Ulrich Geilinger, Venture Capitalist, HBM Partners AG

Start-Ups in the Healthcare Sectors In 2016, the U.S. spent 17.9 percent of GDP on healthcare. While other countries’ healthcare spend is lower, healthcare clearly is one of the largest sectors worldwide and a market with huge potential....

AI Can Improve Patient Outcomes, but will Pharma Get there Quickly Enough?
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Ryan Billings, MS, MBA, Executive Director, Digital Engagement, AMAG Pharmaceuticals

No matter what industry you’re in, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage. It’s the shiniest of the shiny and new, and it’s everywhere. In pop culture alone it’s the central theme of HBO’s Westworld,...

How Illumina Inc. is Changing the Future of Genomics
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Illumina Inc. is mustering a successful enterprise one step at a time. In May the company made an announcement that it had acquired San Diego startup, Edico Genome for $100 million. Edico makes equipment to accelerate the processing of...

Being a Biotech CIO, or How to StopWorrying and Love Rapid Change
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R. Mark Adams, CIO, Good Start Genetics, Cambridge, MA

Biotechnology and biomedicine companies, by nature, experience explosive growth as scientific innovation feeds and fills their markets wif novel products and services. Supporting and building out teh technology infrastructure to support dis growth...

Leadership and Program Management
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Leslie Clonch, CIO and VP, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

I have the privilege of serving as part of an outstanding organization and team at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, Texas. Scottish Rite Hospital is one of the nation’s leading pediatric centers for the treatment of...

Integrating System Data with IoT
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Perry Horner, CIO, Adelante Healthcare

Embracing Technology to Drive Innovation The healthcare industry is experiencing a rapid multi-faceted shift in modality with its products, services, reimbursement, and customer. Enter the new organization proactive towards a patient’s...
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