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Cloud and SaaS Security- The Need for a Comprehensive Approach
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Richard A. Spires, CEO, Learning Tree International

As a former CIO, I have implemented and seen the significant benefits of cloud computing, both the leverage of compute on demand via infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) delivery models and the use of...

Progression of Supply chain with technology
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The whole network of the organizations, resources, individuals and technology involved in the creation and sale of a product, from the delivering raw materials from the supplier to the manufacturer, transforming these materials into intermediate...

On-Premise versus Cloud: The Better Option
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Denise Zabawski, CIO, Nationwide Children's Hospital

The convergence of several factors recently helped us integrate a larger infrastructure presence in “the cloud” into our IT strategy. This year we recruited two nationally recognized Genomics researchers and their teams. At their...

Accelerating Drug Development With Cloud-Based Computing
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Cynthia A. Challener, Ph.D, Scientific Content Director, That’s Nice LLC

Drug development is a time-consuming and costly enterprise. It takes on average more than 10 years to receive regulatory approval for new medicines, and the average cost to develop a new drug is estimated to be $2.6 billion-double that just...

The Rise of eClinical Trials in Health Care
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The global e-Clinical solutions market is consisting of various segments that include clinical data management systems (CDMS), electronic data capture (EDC), clinical trial management systems (CTMS), electronic clinical outcome assessment, and...

Rendering the Power of Integrated Biotechnology Services
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Tim Jackson, VP Technology, Advanced Clinical

If a firm is NOT using the cloud, they are missing important functional gains and substantial cost savings. The benefits of cloud computing are just as valuable for the life sciences/biotech industry as they are for other industries. Of course,...

The Evolution of Talent
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William Mayo, CIO, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

At a world-class research institute like the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, talent is explicitly our core strength. Talent, and its near cousin intellectual property, are not only our greatest assets but essentially our only assets....

Taking Clinical Data Management into the Future with Big Data Integrations in the Cloud
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Temitope Keyes, VP of Business Development, ThoughtSphere

It is hard to think of an industry that has not, or could not, benefit from the scalability and ease of cloud technology. It is also hard to think of a field that has more to gain from these benefits than life sciences in delivering innovative...

Cloud Computing for Affordable Medicines
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Manoj Shah, VP-IT, Amneal Pharmaceuticals

Urge to Step into Cloud Computing We started to look at cloud computing a few years ago out of necessity and it has gradually evolved to become an important part of our IT strategy. When Hurricane Sandy hit our region, it forced us to evaluate...

Cloud Computing for Affordable Medicines
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Manoj Shah, VP IT, Amneal Pharmaceuticals

Urge to Step into Cloud Computing We started to look at cloud computing a few years ago out of necessity and it has gradually evolved to become an important part of our IT strategy. When Hurricane Sandy hit our region, it forced us to evaluate...

Evolving Role of CIO
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Jinesh Jain, Director of Clinical Technology, Somnoware Healthcare Systems Inc.

The rapid adoption of cloud computing in routine clinical practice has led to the incubation of several promising SaaS startups. However, the healthcare vertical introduces a unique set of challenges. Along with the traditional requirements of a...

The "Cloud First" Approach to Life Sciences
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Sunil Anand, CIO, Jubilant Pharma

Traditionally, financial services and pharmaceutical organizations are not early adopters of the cloud. Just over 5 years ago, one would see frowns and dismissive eyes, when cloud vendors would present their value proposition. The world has...

The Next Big Thing in Pharma and Life Sciences Industry
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Mark Williams, VP & CIO, ACI Clinical

Benefits of Cloud Computing for the Pharma and Life Sciences Industry The Pharma and Life sciences industry is an information processing business first and a product manufacturing and distribution business second. With the advent of cloud...

SaaS as a game-changer in the Pharmaceutical Sector
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Mark Burke, CIO, Accelerated Technology Laboratories

Challenges in Technology. One big challenge is the education of customers. They often are familiar with certain portions of technology, but do not have a complete or correct understanding of enterprise systems, cloud computing, and security. We...

Smart Infrastructure Services for Biopharmaceuticals
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Michael Gammons, VP and CIO, Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc

When approached about writing this article, I must admit that my initial reaction was dismissive. I questioned myself about writing something that other leaders would find beneficial and worth their time given the vast amount of reading that we do...

Digital Experiences in Life Sciences to Get a Face Lift with Sudler, Acquia Partnership
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NEW YORK CITY, NY: Acquia, a SaaS based company and Sudler New York recently announced the forming of an alliance to work out on raising the standards of efficiency of U.S.-based life sciences websites. Sudler, who initiated the development of...

ClearDATA: Creating a Culture of Compliance
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Darin Brannan, President, CEO & Co-Founder

ClearDATA was conceived and designed from the ground up to serve the mission-critical system needs and regulatory requirements of healthcare organizations. Healthcare professionals across the globe trust the ClearDATA HITRUST-certified cloud to...

Riparian: Empowering Next-Generation Pricing Analytics
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Cynthia Hwang, Co-Founder & SVP

Riparian’s platform helps biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers manage their price reporting and discount obligations with the government programs that provide coverage for their drugs. Riparian took a user-centric approach when designing its...

Boston Technology Research: At the Vanguard of Managing Compliance in the Cloud
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Kosal Keo, Founder and Bryan Ennis, CEO

BTR specializes in quality systems and risk management, IT and regulatory compliance, computer systems validation, auditing, and training. The company enjoys a rich strategic quality and computer system validation (CSV) partnership with Veeva and...

VIIHEALTH: Time to Market Drives Digital Customer Engagement
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Mark Benthin, Founder & Executive Chairman

The company provides a cloud-based mobile-savvy platform company that helps life science companies improve their digital marketing return. As a leading Veeva solution provider, the company simplifies and scales patient engagement and accelerate...
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